Recent Advances In Polyphenol Research

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Plant polyphenols are secondary metabolites that constitute one of the most common and widespread groups of natural products


Highlighted herein are some of the most recent and pertinent developments in polyphenol research, covering such major areas as Chemistry and physicochemistry Biosynthesis, genetics metabolic engineering Roles in plants and ecosystems Food, nutrition health Applied polyphenols This book is a distillation of the most current information, and as such, will surely prove an invaluable source for chemists, biochemists, plant scientists, pharmacognosists and pharmacologists, biologists, ecologists, food scientists and nutritionists.

Many polyphenols, from their structurally simplest representatives to their oligo/polymeric versions, are notably known as phytoestrogens, plant pigments, potent antioxidants, and protein interacting agents

They are crucial constituents of a large and diverse range of biological functions and processes, and provide many benefits to both plants and humans

This sixth volume of the highly regarded Recent Advances in Polyphenol Research series is edited by Heidi Halbwirth, Karl Stich, V ronique Cheynier and St phane Quideau, and is a continuance of the series tradition of compiling a cornucopia of cutting-edge chapters, written by some of the leading experts in their respective fields of polyphenol sciences

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